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What to Consider in Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Many businesses today are using social media as one of their major brand marketing tools. Choosing marketing strategies that work is critical to building and growing your brand. Twitter is one of the most successful social media platforms available today for promoting brands. If implemented in the right way, Twitter marketing offers great opportunities for content sharing, idea creation, brand promotion and customer integration. Before including social media in your marketing strategy, it’s important to understand some of these few guidelines for marketing on Twitter.

Set clear goals for your marketing strategy. Just like other marketing strategies, it’s important to know what you want to achieve with your Twitter marketing plan. Who are you targeting? What do you plan to achieve for your brand? When creating your goals, ensure that they are specific, realistic, measurable, relevant and timely. Whether you want to create a campaign of hashtag contents to increase your brand awareness, interact more with your followers or aim to increase the number of followers in the next one week, having clear goals enables you to focus on your marketing efforts and achieve them.

Give your ears to your followers and engage them more directly. Understanding what social media users are discussing and sharing is crucial for business owners and marketers. Are they talking about your brand or not? Is there increased interest in certain products, services or a specific trend? What are the most discussed topics? What type of content does your social community respond to? Who and who is interacting with each other? With Twitter, you can easily monitor and analyze different aspects of your marketing strategy like how competitors are engaging their customers, brand awareness, performance as well as social engagement and trending content.
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Monitor your results to understand if you are making any progress. By knowing what type of content your Twitter community is engaged in, you will easily identify areas that can be prioritized and improved in your marketing strategy. It’s important that you try different content strategies, involve yourself more in online community engagement and make use of reporting and analytical tools that help you evaluate your marketing performance. Creating social reports and tracking your marketing campaign messages is a good way to know how your content is doing. Your social media marketing plan is only worth it if it helps develop your brand.
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Multimedia integration is highly beneficial in Twitter marketing. Businesses can greatly increase community engagement by including different forms of multimedia such as video, photos, polls and GIFs into their tweets. Today, video is perhaps the leading marketing tool for marketers looking for opportunities to engage social media users. Marketing on Twitters is no longer about posting short tweets. By following the points discussed above, you will be in a better position to implement a successful marketing strategy that uses the available features and tools to develop strong relationships with your followers.